I could gush about how much I love this guy’s record. I think instead I’ll let it speak for itself. This is his new video and I’ve played it about 10 times now.

Hold on to your ass when you get to 2:27. Jimi Hendrix, anyone? Gives me that chill you get when you really hear something good live. That up-the-back tingly goodness.

Besides that guitar. That organ in the back. It’s like that.

I won’t ramble on about the “musicality” of modern American music. But, this is our culture, people. This guy actually /plays/ an instrument. Isn’t MIDI. Isn’t VST. No computers. Epiphone (Gibson copy) guitars, tube amps, and over-saturated tape. I’m overjoyed this is what The Blues is coming to. I can’t WAIT to see him live. I bet it’s one for the books. Write a comment if you have seen him live.