Arguably Seattle’s best doughnuts, Top Pot got its name from a sign two brothers bought from a defunct Chinese restaurant in Seattle, which at the time was called and read “TopSpot.” The sign was left in the backyard for 4 years, where it rusted and became the home for racoons. When they decided to use the sign, the “S” had fallen off, and the name became “Top Pot.” Well, it’s a good story, at least.

I remember when I first went to the Capitol Hill location, the barista told me a story about how it had opened. I’ve never verified this, so I’m unclear if it is true or not.

The brothers had bought an old book store, or some sort of shop that had old books. Thumbing through the books, they found an old German cookbook that had a great recipe for cake doughnuts. After having it translated, they found their now famous doughnut batter used for for nearly their entire doughnut line. Would love to confirm that story–that was probably 8-9 years ago.

In any event, have been coming to this haunt for years. Each location has a vintage design and feel to it, with old books and modern music. Sort of Bauhaus.