theTop10Okay. TMI. More than you want to know about me.

This is the part where I describe how I hate talking about myself and whatever. It’s also the part where you stop believing that when this entire blog is basically about me.

I think because I’m a musician, and into art, I have many friends and acquaintances who want to know what my favorite records are, or what films I like, etc. A comparison study, probably. And, let’s face it: I’m fairly passionate about these opinions, because I believe they make up the fabric of who I am as a person, right?

What if I had picked “Turner and Hooch” as one of my favorite films of all time? You’d have a certain kind of opinion about that, yeah? Of course you would.

So, I built part of this blog as a place to direct others when they ask–“What are your desert island discs?” I just happen to have that answer. And, I’m fairly adamant about it, although it can and has changed. For now, it’s interesting to see.

Having put all of this “out there” for others like you to judge, I guess that I’m asking for criticism and feedback. I’d love to hear about your lists. Comment below, or send me a message if you like.

PS: I’m probably asked more about food than anything else. So, I added my top favorite meals of all time. Kinda dumb, unless you are also a foodie. Bonus, there aren’t any pictures of food.