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sacramento dance

Tiffany Kadani

Name: Tiffany Kadani
URL: dancingbranflakes.blogspot.com
Description: “Dancer, writer, and university professor. Living on the West Coast while husband lives on the East Coast. Although I do have an affinity for breakfast foods, the title of this blog is just a play on my last name. I don’t really make my bran flakes dance. Well… not often.”


seattle ux ui graphic design

Cathy Vu

Name: Cathy Vu
URL: www.cathyvu.com
Description: Graphic designer, UX/UI designer, artist and altogether inspiring creative and friend. In Seattle, WA.


seattle bainbridge architects architecture

Coates Design

Name: Coates Design
URL: www.coatesdesign.com
Description: Killer architect of modern greatness living on Bainbridge Island, WA. I’m secretly trying to get him to design me the perfect house.


sacramento public relations advertising marketing


Name: Modamedia
URL: www.modamedia.com
Description: Sheer marketing and PR brilliance in a small package. In Sacramento, CA.


music critic seattle

Paul Pearson

Name: Paul Pearson
URL: paul-pearson.blogspot.com
Description: My favorite music blogger, and longest running neighbor. In Seattle, WA.



sacramento bar preflite pre flite bar

PreFlite Lounge

Name: Pre Flite Lounge
URL: www.preflitelounge.com
Description: Great Sacramento Lounge located in the depths of the former Westfield Mall. Possibly soon to become extinct, unfortunately. GREAT piano. Terrific owner.


capital creative collective talent sacramento

Capital Creative Collective

Name: Capital Creative Collective
URL: the3c.org
Description: Collection of terrific creatives in NorCal, particularly Sacramento, CA. Run/owned by great graphic designer Jake Favour.


sacramento wedding cake desserts truffles

Simply Sweet

Name: Simply Sweet
URL: Facebook Listing – Simply Sweet
Description: Best desserts I’ve ever had! Lemonlicks. Oreo Truffles. Wedding cakes. Unbelievable pies. Owned and operated by the very talented Angela McDonald. “Simply Sweet’s mission is to provide the highest quality of ingredients in each baked good. We believe in going above and beyond the kitchen to give our customers a reason to keep coming back and to gladly refer their family and friends. We believe that through baking, we can help put a smile on your face that can be shared with others.”

bay area wedding photos

Tippy Thoummarath

Name: Tippy T Photography
URL: www.tippytphotography.com
Description: Talented photographer out of the Bay Area. Wedding and engagement photos, mostly, but has a creative eye towards almost everything. “As a photographer, my philosophy is simple. To capture images that is inspired by your life, and all the details that make your story unique and special to you. Images you will look back on and be proud to share. Right now, and forever – whether of your children, family, new baby, engagement, or wedding day.”


Sami Abdou

Name: Sami Abdou
URL: www.samiabdou.com
Description: My favorite filmmaker and great friend. Music videos, corporate videos, all things motion. “I’ve directed work in the music industry, fashion, tech, and even food. I have a degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, which gave me the strongest foundation in understanding film and all of its facets and I’ve been told its seen in my work.”

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