Our time measured as a sunflower.

With faces, turned towards the fleeting sun and wuthering sky. Hopes birthed small and fade quickly to the promises lost in our memories.

Basking in burgeoning beauty, our features pledge their sharpness. Radiant leaves and obstinate support of long stems.

Our seeds once fertile, deceiving our youth, cast asunder as wishes blown engulfed by sweet and sapient soil.

The unexpected twilight’s stars beckon quietly like whispers of a butterfly’s urgent wings.

And as the shadow of our days cast long, the summer’s spring returns to the winter’s fall. We sip from the ground slowly and deeply.

Now as dry and dusky delicate rot of our brittle and crumbling pride, with a strengthened soul we dance only in our hearts and sing loud and lonely in our minds.

Our weathered skin, a map

For destinies reached

And dreams fulfilled

And an honest beauty revealed