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A group of semi-famous lifestyle bloggers needed to create a common space they could speak about their top picks for men’s fashions, as well as sell them through the vendors creating them.

12VoltArts came up with an idea for a monthly magazine called The Stag’s Den, which is an app shell that pulls content from their server, and creates a platform to sell those products directly. Most vendors are alerted to the sale via email, but there are plans to directly include more common vendors in the app’s purchasing model.

The Stag’s Den employs 7 different contributors who act as tastemakers within their category. One contributor focuses on Men’s apparel, while another might focus on music. When a product is sold, the contributor and Stag’s Den share a small portion of the sale with the vendor. It’s a way to highlight what they consider the very best products in every category.

There is also opportunity for clever and discreet advertising campaigns, even if the advertiser is not selling a specific product. Paid promotional content may be presented as editorial content, or may be co-branded with a contributor’s featured product.

The magazine is updated with a specialty backend administration system accessible through their website.

Slides 1-7 show concept art for the mobile app experience. Slides 8-10 show mocks for the proposed Stag’s Den website. Slides 11-13 show parts of The Stag’s Den brand resource guide.