Oh, the part I love the most. Talking about myself.
Yeah. Not really. Actually, I’m really terrible at self-marketing, which is why I’ve forced myself to make this blog.
Or, the reason could be you. You asked me several times: “Why don’t you make a food/travel/music/art” blog worth reading? Kwd: “Worth Reading.” Yes. Right. It is your fault. I was probably asked several times (read: once) what my favorite so and so is, based on my experiences as a musician or a foodie or whatever. So, here it is.

Either way, I’m happy you are here and interested enough to know about some of the things I care about. This blog will change over time. So, hot list, as I kind of just want to put jusssst enough content here to make it a worthwhile page.

I am:

  • Currently living in Bellevue, WA.
  • Self-employed. Interface designer/UX/UI…ad man/marketer…composer…graphic designer. Not always in that order.
  • A fan of food. A big fan. I don’t know why I’m not 400+ pounds.
  • Into jazz in a big way. But, I love all types of music. Well, parts of all types of music.
  • A composer and musician. I used to make a living playing the bass. Now, I play more piano than anything.
  • A fairly busy patron and supporter of the arts.
  • A guy that takes a lot of pictures with my iPhone. I just bought a real camera, so you’ll see some of that, too.
  • Very lucky to have great friends and family.
  • With fairly strong political opinions which I rarely share.
  • Writing a new record (!) Maybe a couple new records. UPDATE–Released: GroundSwell last September. Check it out!
  • Getting more and more into video as a replacement for the graphic arts.
  • GLAD you are here. Drop me a line to let me know who you are, or just drop a comment on something introducing yourself. Meeting new people is the entire point.