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So many easy and different ways to reach me. Email is good. The phone number actually goes through to me, too. But – be forewarned, I don’t pick up much.  Nothing personal. Social media is terrific, too. If your message is about following or connecting, or social in nature, please feel free to use one of those methods.

If your message is about working together, collaboration, hiring or stuff that is super creative and somewhat complicated, send me an email. Make sure to let me know the best way to contact you, too.

Please don’t send me stuff through email. Email has come a long way, but getting a gigabyte of video footage or large format images can really clog things up.

You might be looking for me at Groundswell. My email for anything Groundswell-related is john -\at\- groundswellart [dot] com
You might be looking for me at 12Voltarts: johnj |at| 12voltarts \./ com
Or perhaps soundranch? Use the 12va email for that: 12va =at= 12va {dot} com

In a following mood? I’d be happy to see you around the old familiar places. Find me here:

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Where it's at: Two turntables and a microphone.

1809 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Groundswell Gallery
2508 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

12va -[at]- 12va (dot) com

(323) 645-0520